Sunday, 27 September 2015

Countdown for My Birthday

Hi, everyone. As I mentioned on the title, today entry will be about countdown for my birthday. Who's on the earth who didn't excited when their special day is coming, right? Including me. Maybe some of you might be new in this blog. So, I would like to mention that I will turn to 20 on upcoming 17th October. To be honest, I'm quite excited yet scared to enter 20's life. You know, the feelings getting older and experience new thing in life. But, its okay. Everyone will be experience the same thing, right? But maybe some of us didn't care about the age cause it just a numbers. Yeah, its depend. Everyone have their own opinions. 

As for now, 20 days left before I turns 20. 

Tik tok Tik Tok...

Can't wait for it!

I'm not feeling well today. Fortunately, my college will be closed due to haze. So, I will use that time to rest. Thanks for reading!