Saturday, 27 January 2018

I Have Nothing

Hey, guys. On today's post, I'm going to share with you a story that happened to me yesterday. I don't know how to feel about it. Here's how it happened.I planned to go the mall at Melawati at first to redeem my 2018 Calander at MPH Bookstore that I won after joining a contest from I called the bookstore about the gift but unfortunately, it didn't arrive there yet. I'm like, it's okay. I'm not that rush anyway. It was a chill nice day until I decided to go out to a mall near to my previous house, which is almost 5km away from my new house.

I'm getting ready, putting stuff on my handbag, and woke up my brother to send me there (since it is the same way) while he picks up my two little brothers at school. When I reached the mall, the first thing I went to was drugstores to buy my skincare products since I finished mine already. I went to Watsons first and looked around for a while. Then, I went out and went to the next store which is Guardian. There is a lady asked me if anything she can help. I said that I was looking for Cetaphil brand. She showed the aisle and walked away. I picked up the cleanser and went straight to the cashier. When I'm about to take my purse.... (I guess you guys can tell what is happening next, right?) Yes, I left my purse at home. I went out without even a penny or debit card with me cause everything was in my purse! 

I started to get a panic attack. How am I supposed to back home? Not just that, my phone number also was not in an active mode so I barely can call or text anyone at the moment. I can't think for a while. I went blank. Then I said to the cashier I can't buy the item since I didn't bring my purse with me. She just smiles and I walked away. I went to store by store wandering around while thinking about the solutions. I got an idea to turn on wifi, who knows there is free wifi available. And I feel a bit better as I can refresh Instagram feeds and also tweeted something on Twitter by using the free wifi available. Little did I know, it didn't cover internet for some apps like Whatsapp cause my text to my brother was not sent at all. Not even one tick. I got panic again. Then I was thinking my last plan, which is using the call-me-back option. I thought of using it to directly inform my Mom about the situation and ask my brother to pick me up but I guess luck was not on my side. There is a technical problem happened. I guess I have to walk to get home at that time. Even the weather was not with me. It was cloudy and light rain throughout the time. I gave up and sat for a while thinking should I go home now. I don't know how long it going to take for me to reach home since it is quite far. Maybe 45 minutes or more, I don't know. I never tried it before.

Then suddenly I got a call from my brother asking if I'm done cause he is nearby the area. I said yeah, pick me up. All I think is I want to be at home as soon as possible. God knows how happy I am after received his call. I keep on smiling for quite a few seconds. I wait for him and went back home. The first thing I did when I reached home was going up to my room and put my purse in my bag.

So, the value of this story is to double-check in whatever you're doing to prevent you from missing anything. I think it is okay to leave anything behind but not the purse where you have everything on it like identity cards, cash, debit/credit cards and more. Somehow it feels funny that it happened to me but somehow it feel bad because there is nothing I can do since I don't have anything. Lessons learned. I'm not going to let this to happen again. I swear. It was a nightmare, trust me. I'm so glad that nothing bad happens during the time or else I will cry myself out.

Have you experienced the same thing?