Sunday, 24 July 2016

Gfriend is BACK! (July 2016)

Hi, I looked up my search keywords on my blog, and one of them is Gfriend 2016. Since I haven't updated about G-friend for quite long time, why not, right? Furthermore, G-friend just having a comeback with new album "LOL" on last July 11. Since I'm a Buddy, why not sharing a few story or information about their new album, right?

Since their school trilogy has been finished, I quite excited for the next one. They might change from innocent to girly one. We will see it once it comes, okay? As for now, Gfriend already performed two songs on stage which are Navillera and Gone with the Wind. Can't wait for their next performance for other songs.

As I mentioned before, their new album named as "LOL" in two versions, Lot Of Love and Laugh Out Loud. In the album, there are 12 track lists that have many genres in one album like pop rock, reggae, pop ballad, R&B, and a few more.

Track List

02. Fall In Love
03. Navillera
04. LOL
05. Distance
06. Water Flower
07. Mermaid
08. Sunshine
09. Compas
10. Click
11. Gone with the Wind
12. Navillera (Instrumental)

Good news! Gfriend has won four music show charts already. On their #Navillera1stWin last Tuesday, they were crying at the end of the show once they know they won. I was crying too. Haha. Umji was not feeling well during that day, I think that might be one of the reasons why they were crying. Their hard work has been paid off guys, trust me. I really really look forward to the 5th, 6th, and more win from Gfriend. Yeojachingu, fighting!

Navillera Music Video

Navillera and Gone with the Wind Stage Performance

Gfriend in Weekly Idol

Who's a Buddy here? <3

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

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Goodluck, everyone!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Make Your Own Face Mask at Home

This few days I was more into homemade things. I just feel like want to use natural things for my face after having not so good experience after using certain products. My face becomes worse and pimple keeps appear on my face. So I stopped and decided to use just natural things on my face. Then comes the idea to use a tomato and honey as a natural scrub for my face. Not just that, I also did another version which I will share about it after this. Using natural things make me feel safer since I know what I put on it compares to an actual product that is fully ready. But, it doesn't mean I dislike or hate the product but maybe that product doesn't suit to my skin and it might be because I chose the wrong product. That can be too, right? I still can't find any products that suit to my skin and solve my acne problems even though I have been using quite a lot products.

Without further due, let's get started.

Since it is natural things, of course, I will be using the ingredients that we already have at home. So, all you need to make your own face masks are oats, honey, and cocoa powder (it is okay if you don't want to use it I just add it to give a colour to the mask) and water.

Benefits of those three (3) ingredients :-

  • Oats : As a natural exfoliator to your face. It is also good for those who have pimples (me) and also absorbs all the oil that have on our skin.
  • Honey : As an antibacterial agent. Not to forget it moisturizes your skin too.
  • Cocoa powder : Make your skin soft and smooth and also remove dead skin.

The amount that you need of each ingredient depends on you. If you want to do it more than your face, add it more. In my case, I make it a bit more so that whenever I want to use the mask, it is ready. So the remaining balance, I did put in the fridge.

All you need to do is mix the four ingredients well. Make sure it is not too thick or too liquidy. Just in between. Once you got the desired paste, apply the mixtures to your face evenly. Try to avoid putting the mask on eyes and lips area. We don't want the mixtures to get into our eyes. Let the mask dry for about 30-45 minutes (more than that will do), remove the mask and rinse it with lukewarm water.

There is another way to make oat mask which is a plain one. All you need to do is a bit of water to your oats until it softens and applies it to your skin. Simple and easy, right?

The smell and mixtures really remind me of cake dough. I like it. Sometimes I feel like I want to put the mixture in my mouth and eat it. It is safe to eat, right? But make sure that the mixtures are clean okay?

I bet you can feel the difference after using the mask. Your skin will become soft and smooth, less oily, fresh and clean. Make sure you do regularly so that you can get better results. As for me, I will do it twice a day. Day and night.

What I thought about this face mask :-

- It will become messy and spill all over the place. So make sure cover your space with something so that it doesn't go to your floor, desk or something.

- I tried to remove the mask with two ways. Remove the mask by using water or let the mask dry, the 'peel' or remove it off. If you let the mask dry completely, it will be easier to wash afterwards compares to when the mask is not completely dry and you remove it with water, it is a bit hard and needs more time to cleanse it.

- The most important thing is it is simple to make and we use only natural ingredients that we might already have at home.

- I feel the difference between before and after, which is good.

You guys should try it too and feels the differences. Goodluck!

Thanks for reading. Xoxo

What is your favourite mask at the moment?

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Resepi : Biskut Lidah Kucing

Selamat hari Raya! Siapa tahun ni buat kuih raya sendiri? Give me five! Dah jadi aktiviti tahunan buat kuih raya ni tapi tahun ni tak sempat nak buat banyak jenis kuih raya sebab dah last minit. Satu adunan je dah cukup itu pun untuk bawak balik kampung sikit. As for me, kuih raya yang biasa buat tiap tahun ialah Sarang Semut, Samperit dan Tart Epal. Kalau rajin dan ada bahan, buat cookies. Cukuplah tu kan? Tapi tahun ni tambah satu jenis. 

Have you tried Biskut Lidah Kucing before? Alaa, yang warna warni tu? SR dah lama teringin nak buat tapi tulah ada je halangan bila nak buat. Tapi hari tu cakap dengan Mama nak buat Biskut Lidah Kucing ni tapi bahan tak cukup. SR takde dulang khas dan juga emplex untuk buat biskut ni. At last, pinjam my aunt punya and here I am making this recipe for you guys... Yay! Don't worry it is easy but a bit complicated since you have to do one colour at one time and do the other colour next. Keep repeating it until you finished the dough.

Let's get started!

Bahan-bahan :

  • 250 g butter
  • 200 g tepung gandum
  • 50 g tepung jagung
  • 160 g gula kastor
  • 3 biji putih telur
  • 1/4 sudu emplex
  • Esen vanila
  • Pewarna makanan (Merah, Kuning, Biru)

Cara-caranya :

  1. Ayak tepung jagung, tepung gandum, dan emplex.
  2. Dalam bekas yang lain, pukul butter dan gula sehingga kembang kemudian masukkan putih telur sedikit demi sedikit dan gaul sehingga sebati.
  3. Masukkan tepung yang telah diayak tadi sedikit demi sedikit dan gaul sehingga sebati.
  4. Bahagikan adunan mengikut jumlah warna yang diinginkan dan gaul rata setiap adunan dengan pewarna makanan.
  5. Masukkan adunan ke dalam piping bag dan picitkan ke dalam dulang mengikut warna.
  6. Bakar adunan pada suhu 150 darjah celcius selama 20 minit.

Alatan yang diperlukan :

  • Mixer
  • Nozzle dan piping bag (guna plastik yang biasa bungkus makanan pun boleh juga, just gunting bahagian bucu plastik)
  • Dulang khas untuk biskut ni. Bentuk bujur memanjang macam tu. (It's hard to explain about this. Haha)

As for colours, korang boleh buat sendiri warnanya. Ada warna asas pun dah cukup dah sebab dengan warna tu korang boleh campur-campur warna. Ingat lagi tak warna asas? It is blue, red and yellow. So, kalau takde warna hijau, ungu, oren boleh lah campur warna.

Hijau : Biru + Kuning
Ungu : Biru + Merah
Oren : Kuning + Merah

As for the cookies, SR dah rasa. Memang sedap! (Bukan nak puji masakan sendiri tapi memang sedap) Biskut ni sangat rangup tapi dia rapuh sikit. Cepat pecah. Tapi kalau tambah sikit tepung dalam adunan tadi rasanya okay kot. Banyak juga dapat. Bila susun dalam balang kuih nampak cantik je warna dia. So pretty okay?

Biskut ni kalau makan waktu tengok tv, sekejap je dah habis rasanya. Ni pun SR buat dua kali sebab yang pertama punya dah habis dingap! Yang kedua ni simpan elok-elok dan sorokkan sebab nanti habis. Sampai macam tu sekali. Haha

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! Xoxo

P/s : Korang buat kuih raya apa tahun ni?

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Road to Eid (Part 2)

Do you still remember the last post that I published before regarding my challenges? I hope you did. If not, let's me recall it back for you. Basically, I challenge myself to do something whether it works or not. Before this, I put Challenge 101 but I decided to change it to Syaza Challenge since it is my challenge. (You can do it if you want too, okay?)

Road To Eid (Part 1)

Back to the topic.

So, this post is about the current update about my first challenge which I have to reduce my weight to 50 kg. The time when I decided to start the challenge my weight was 54.9 kg (I took it as 55 kg). I have to reduce about 5 kg in 15 days before Eid. It was really really a challenge for me. Since I'm not the person who do exercise every single day so I found that it was hard for me to achieve it.

The best thing is my weight did lose some of the weight. Unfortunately, it is not 5 kg in total. It just about 1.5 kg only. I don't know, maybe it because of me cause I stopped doing exercises and not putting more attention of taking care of my diet. The funny part is that my weight was having up and down. It was up when I breaking fast and down when I fasting during the day. Haha. It kind of weird when I know how many weight that I got after breaking fast.

So, what do you think? Did I succeed? Or not? If you ask me I would say that I succeed. Even though I'm not losing about 5 kg but still I lose some of it and it is an achievement for someone who didn't always do the exercise like me.

Challenged accepted! Yay!

I was thinking what will be my next challenge? Would it be something like this or different from what I did right now? We gonna find it out when I'm about to challenge myself again.

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

P/s : Exercise things is not for me. Sorry.