Saturday, 7 October 2017

How I Pamper Myself At Home

After a long day, you feel tired and all you need at that moment is rest. We have been working harder throughout the week and we need at least a day on the weekend to pamper yourself at home or having a me-time session. It does not matter what kind of activities you are doing as long as it is relaxing it can be considered as pampering yourself.

Here are how I pamper myself at home:

Photo by Shawnee Wilborn on Unsplash

1. Do some treatments

Let me tell you a fact, for almost 21 years in my life I have never go to any spa or salon. Who doesn't love to have someone who does something good and beneficial to yourself right? But due to costs for the treatment and time, I think it is better for me to just do it at home. It is same, what? Who says you cannot do facial care or hair treatment at home, you are totally wrong.

There are lots of things you can do when it comes to facial care. It works as same as your skincare routine but you are focusing more on your skin. You know what I mean? For example, you cleanse and exfoliate your skin. You put toner on your face after you are done with cleansing. Apply moisturiser while massaging the skin and on. Sometimes on the daily basis, we don't even have enough time to put or wear a mask but on my free time, I love to pamper my skin by wearing a mask. Sometimes sheet mask could be the easiest way and sometimes I also love to make my own face mask according to my skin type. For example, mixing three spoons of oats, a spoon of honey and a bit of cocoa powder together until it becomes a thick paste and then apply to the whole face thinly avoiding your eyes and lips area. Wait for it to dry for a moment. Once it is fully dry, you want to remove it by massaging your face in a circular motion until it removed.

When it comes to hair treatment, I usually trim my hair by my own before I anything to my hair. And then I will normally shampoo and conditioner my hair using my usual hair products. Good news for those who love to colour your hair. eSalon is an at-home hair company that made a custom hair color just for you. How? eSalon factor in everything from your amount of gray and your coloring history to your hair's length and it's texture. For more information about their custom hair colour, you can go here.

Photo by PICSELI on Unsplash

2. Reading

Reading can be good not just for your mental but spiritual too. When it comes to reading, it does not matter what types of books you are reading, it can be magazines, novels, journals or even an article. Take a moment of your day to read at least a page a day to calm and relax your mind. I did it and it is really helpful. While reading, a cup of coffee or tea as a accompany during your reading also sounds great!

3. Long shower

This is how I calm myself at home. You know when you have a bad day or whenever I feel down or stressed out, I love to stand under the cold running shower. I feel nothing but refresh after that. Actually, I love to be under the rain but it is not good for your health as you might get sick on the next day so I think the shower will do. I read somewhere that cold shower can relieve the symptoms of depression, improve the stimulation of the circulatory system that sends blood to your organs to keep them warm and also release stress.

4. Listen to favourite songs

It is better to have a music on than silent, right? I have two types of playlists which are first, all the songs that I love and two, the sound of nature. When it comes to working, I will usually listen to my favourite songs because I can sing along and chill myself but whenever I want to have me time, I will always listen to the sound of nature like raining, waves, birds chirping, waterfall and more. It is really calming my mind and it also helps me to fall asleep whenever I have a hard time to close my eyes.

So, how you pamper yourself at home? Mind to share with me? πŸ’•

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Product Empties #2

I think I have not done this Empties Series for such a long time. Last time I shared about this series which also my first product empties series was on early this year. Go check it out here if you want to. I have been trying some new products from the past months and here I am, sharing with you guys what I felt about the products, does it works well on my skin and everything. It is quite a lot than last time, hope you guys enjoy reading it!

Nano White Fresh Miracle Mist

This is my very first face mist I have tried. Back then, I never know what face mist is. But I am sure that I know a bit about face mist now. I already did a review on this product here. I love the finished on my skin especially once it dries. It gives me such a natural glow and shine which I like because it makes my skin looks healthy and fresh. Will I repurchase this again? Yes, because it works well on the skin but I want to try another face mists too so I will go back to this face mist if I found none.

PIXY Eye & Lip Makeup Remover + PIXY Gentle & Moist Cleansing Lotion

I received this set of makeup remover from PIXY because I entered their contest a long time ago. This eye 7 lip makeup remover is mixed with water and oil so it removes makeup very well without even trying so hard especially waterproof mascara or any matte lipstick. Same goes to the cleansing lotion but unfortunately, it has been expired before I got to finish the whole bottle. Since I do not want to waste it by just throwing it into the bin, I just using it as a first step to clean my brushes. What I did was, pour some of the liquid to the old cotton t-shirt and swirl brushes to it until it half way clean. Then I clean my brushes like I usually did by using soap and water. It helps me a lot cause I do not have to try hard when I cleaning my brushes which is quite a lot.

Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner

I do not know if I should tell or share with you guys about this toner anymore cause I have been mentioning this product for quite a few times already. This is my all time favourite toner. I do not think that I will change to the other ones since this one already works very well on my skin and I am not complaining anything. It is good for those who have acne-prone skin or combination skin. If you guys have not tried this yet, please give it a try. Who knows it will works on you too? Did I already mentioned that this is my 5th bottle?

Sunplay SPF 130+++

This is a sample size of this sunblock that I got when I went to a drugstore back then. I even have the actual size of this sunblock where I still not finished yet. I love using this sunblock every time I went to swimming pool or beach. It protects my skin from getting sunburn and tan. I do not know why but I insist to use it as a daily sunblock because of the texture but for the time I went swimming, it will be perfect. I need to have a sunscreen though or else my skin will be damaged by the sunray. Any suggestions of drugstore sunscreen you have tried before?

Ginvera Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel

I previously did a full review on this product before. [Link: here] I have mixed feelings about this one. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I am not. What I love about this Ginvera is, it is easy to use and works well on my skin. I regularly using it as my daily exfoliator before I wash my face at night since it is gentle on my skin and does not irritate my skin at all. Once you scrub it to your skin you can immediately see the results. All the junks will come out and your skin will feel clean. What I did not like about is it is supposed to remove my blackheads on my skin but nothing removed. The blackhead still there inside my pores. So I think it works best as exfoliator than blackhead remover.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

I have been experiencing dry and chapped lips for a long time already. And trust me, having those flaky lips is not cool at all. All I did was picking up the dry lips until it is bleeding. And then my lips will feel smooth again. So to prevent myself from picking the dry-flaky lips, again and again, I chose to moisturize my lips using this Vaseline Petroleum Jelly day and night. Other than applying it to my lips, I also use Vaseline on my daily basis. It is multipurpose products that suitable for everything. I even did my own lip balm with it and it was good.

Ponybrown Lovely Sweet Hand Cream

I never used any hand cream before. I think lotion is enough. But thanks to Aynal I got the chance to try this amazing hand cream. It smells so good and I kept using it, again and again, each time I am going out. Love it so much!

Daiso Twin Side Mascara

I did not expect this mascara to be that good consider it is from Daiso. It has two side mascara that you can use for your upper and lower lashes. It is waterproof and easy to be removed by only water too. If you want to have a natural kind of lashes, I recommend you to buy this one. It gave you curly lashes but unfortunately, it did not hold the lashes for a long time as I noticed my lashes were back to normal. I heard some of them are good too so I would love to try other mascaras from Daiso if I have the chance to go to the store.

Aimeili Color My Brows

I bought this one at Mr. DIY months ago. Back then I was into fleek eyebrows so after I filled my brows using brow powder then I applied this brow mascara. It thickens up my brows and holds my brows for a long time at the same time. It is waterproof and you probably need makeup remover to remove it or else it gonna stay. I am now into natural looking brows so I do not think I will buy this again unless I feeling like I want to have full brows back I definitely buying this one.

Daiso Disposal Powder Puff (12pcs)

I am still cannot manage to have a beauty blender so I think using this beauty sponge is enough, I guess? Of course, it can never beat the beauty blender but as long as this one works for me to apply my BB Cream, that is okay. It is absorbing the products but the best thing is I can just throw it away without thinking twice since it is cheap. Hehe

Savee 3D Paper Mask Series

I bought this around February this year and finally chose to use it. It works the same as others masks except that the sheet mask also came with neck and ears part. I don't know how to explain but the sheet is different than actual sheet mask maybe that is why it called 3D?

Do you have any products that you are currently working on to empty it out? Share with me πŸ’•

Friday, 22 September 2017

Lazada Haul

Hello, lovelies! How are you guys doing? I am finally back and hopefully, I will keep on updating this blog from now on. Finger crossed. On last July I did join a contest from Lazada Malaysia and got picked as one of the winners. Alhamdullilah.  Believe me or not, most of the items I ordered were mostly beauty products cause you know that I am a beauty enthusiastic. hehe. So, I used this opportunity to buy something that has been on my wish lists from a long time ago. Here's a sneak peek of the items that I collected.

Lazada Haul

Silkygirl Baby Smooth Blur Primer

Silkygirl Baby Smooth Blur Primer

This going to be my new primer after the one that I'm currently using finished, which is Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I tried swatches a bit on the back of my hand as soon as I got the parcel and quite surprised that the formula totally the same as Maybelline one but the difference is this one tinted. Even the price is quite close to each other. It is definitely a dupe, I think.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Stockholm)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

This has been on my wish lists since forever and I am so glad that I have it now. I'm so shocked when I look at to Lazada's website, there is a discount for every lips product for certain brands during that time. Of course, I'm not going to miss this chance so I added it my cart right away. I have worn this matte lip cream twice and totally amazed by the formula. It just feels so different from another matte lip cream I have ever tried. The pigment was good too. Totally recommended to anyone who wants to try this matte lip cream. Definitely going to purchase more shades in the future.

12pcs Eye Makeup Brush Set

12pcs Eye Makeup Brush Set

The purpose why I chose this brush set is because I wanted to have proper eye brushes that have a blending eye brush. Since this set has it, I just added it to my cart. I would say that I love this brushes so much! I just cannot stop myself from using it, especially when it is soft and the quality was not disappointing at all! It applies the eyeshadows smoothly and blends well too. The hair bristle was made by synthetic fibers if you're wondering.

Focallure Eyeshadow Pallete #1

Focallure Eyeshadow Palette #1

Yeay, I finally have a new eyeshadow palette. I never heard this brand before so I'm quite excited to know how I feel about the eyeshadow. Pretty difficult to choose since there are a few shades to choose. I finally picked this one because I do not have any of the eyeshadow colour yet. I think it will be fun to try a new one. I tried on my lids for a few times and it is quite good for the price. The pigment is also good. A bit of fallout and kickback but not to the point that I hate this product. There is four shimmer shadows and the rest are matte. I gave this product a bonus point since it came with an eyeshadow brush. I just wish that it came with a mirror but it is okay.

Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

Freeman has a various selection of masks like clay, gel, peel-off for all skin types from normal to combination. I heard good things about this masks and majority of people said that it is good and worth to try. So I decided to choose this Mint & Lemon Clay Mask since I have oily skin and having breakouts sometimes. I have tried it a few times already and I would tell you guys that I love it so much. I have no issue while using this mask and I would not feel hesitate to grab the other range too in the future.


So, that concludes my Lazada Haul using RM150 cash voucher. I would love to say that I love everything that I bought here. Since some of the items are the items that I have been wanted the most, I become more appreciate with everything I have. Love it to the max! Eventhough one of the items was sent different from what I had ordered (decided not to include the item to this haul), it's okay. I will probably sell it back to someone who interested and buy the one that I want later on.

So far, I was not having any problems with the delivery process and what not. I'm quite satisfied that I got all my things around the estimated time arrived. Plus, the delivery man was kind enough to text me that he already sent to package to my mailbox for each item. He even let me know that my package will arrive a bit later since it is supposed to be sent by the weekend and his working time will be limited during the time so I will be received it in the next working hour day.

Leave a comment below if you want me to do a review for all of this items. I would love to share my thoughts on every item here either it is good or not, how is it working and everything. Let me know, okay?

Have you tried any of these products? Share your thoughts with me πŸ’•

Disclaimer: I was not asked by Lazada Malaysia to do this post and I'm willingly want to post this. I'm not here to brag or anything but to share items that I bought from Lazada. All of the opinions and thoughts are 100% mine. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Planner Giveaway by Eeca Shyaa

Planner Giveaway by Eeca Shyaa

Hi, guys! It's been a while since my last time joined a giveaway from other bloggers. This giveaway made me want to join because of the planner itself. It is so cute and pretty. I just started to have a planner early this year and I truly love the feeling of writing what I am going to do next and what not. I would love to have it for upcoming planner if I won the giveaway. Don't forget to join if you want to win this beautiful planner from Eaca Shyaa. Click the banner or go here. GOOD LUCK, everyone! 

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Monthly Roundup + Highlights : July 2017


πŸ”Ή Won Lazada Blogger Contest

I joined a contest called Lazada Blogger Contest before and I wasn't expected to be one of the winners considering I'm not giving 100% committed with that post. I'm just trying my luck while making sure that my blog was stayed in touch and updated. I guess, it happened. I'm so happy that I won RM150 cash voucher from Lazada Malaysia. You know what? I literally checking their website every time I'm online, you know just to choose and wondering what should I get for this time. I'm in the process of waiting for my item to arrive. Can't wait to have my items delivered.


Deep Blue Eyes - Girls Next Door πŸ”Ή Stay - Zedd & Alessia Cara πŸ”Ή 2U - David Guetta & Justin Bieber πŸ”Ή Don't Wanna Cry - Seventeen πŸ”Ή Flower Way - Sejeong feat Zico πŸ”Ή Fly High - Dreamcatcher


Idol Drama Operation Team πŸ”Ή Let's Only Walk The Flower Road πŸ”Ή Third-Rate My Way/Fight For My Way πŸ”Ή The Heirs πŸ”Ή Beauty and the Beast

Idol Drama Operation Team (IDOT) is a show where idols trying to act in a drama. I also have watched the drama which is Let's Walk The Flower Road (the drama that the idols acted), where it shares the struggles of being an idol. Idols that we always see smiling while performing on stage actually the ones who struggle the most. During their trainees, they have to maintain their body weight, compete with other trainees in other to debut, being away from their family and much more. It is truly a true story of being an idol. Third-Rate My Way was good. I love their relationship towards each other. It is a strong relationship, I must say. One thing that I learned from this drama is never giving up on something that you love doing. Just like in this drama where Aera and Dong Man struggling and working hard to achieve their dream as an announcer and a fighter. I know The Heirs has aired a few years ago but I just started to watch it. The drama was not bad. I love the chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in this drama. I'm definitely going to rewatch it again someday, trust me. Not to mention, after watching The Heirs, I was so tempted to have a dreamcatcher. Is it weird? I don't know, I found that dream catcher was so pretty and unique. Beauty and the Beast were good too. It just reminded me of the book that I used to read during my childhood time. (Question: Am I the only one who doesn't want the Beast to transform to a human?) This came to my mind because I see the chemistry between the Beast and Belle, plus the Beast turned to the human at the end of the story so I just not feeling it that much. Haha. I ship Belle with the Beast more. Just my two cents.





I finally read a new novel after a while, guys. Thanks to my friend for buying me the novel on behalf of me. She went to International Book Fair last May and I asked her help to buy me the latest novel from Anabella. It is Tunang ke-9. It took me about four days to finish reading. Hmm, what should I read next?



πŸ”Ή Monthly Roundup + Highlights: June 2017 [Link: here]
πŸ”Ή Favourite Korean Drama OST [Link: here]
πŸ”Ή My Acne Journey + Current Daily Skincare Routine [Link: here]
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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Mr DIY Haul

Mr DIY Haul

In today's post, I'm going to share with you guys what I bought at Mr. DIY. Mr. DIY is a store that I will never stop from visiting just because there have tons selections of items that you might need from school to home supplies. Not to mention, the price is quite affordable too. I bet you already heard about this store, right? If you ask me which is the best between Daiso and Mr. DIY, I will answer Mr. DIY straight away. Why? Because I just love it. I even spend around one hour walking to each isle and looking for new items. I rarely went out from the store with empty hands. So glad that this store is near to my place so I can go there everytime I want to. Hehe

Without more rambling, let's just take a look at the items that I bought from MR. DIY. Shall we?

The main reason why I get this bunch of tapes because of my planner. My planner was so empty, dull and not cheerful or colourful as I want it to be. So I think by pasting a tape will make it look better and I'm right. It looks more alive now. Imma happy girl! Plus the tapes look so cute, how can I resist that? 

Mr DIY Butterfly Hook

This is so random. I chose this up because I want to hang my fairy lights that I bought in May and still didn't hang and still in the box cause I don't know how to decorate it. And I'm sure that I will need this hook when I'm about to hang the fairy lights, right?

Mr DIY Card Holder

Just another random thingy. And of course, I have a reason behind it. It just my precaution for all the card that I owned. Basically, I'm not the type of person who brings a handbag whenever I'm going out for a short amount of time. A pouch is all I need. I put all the necessaries items on it and I'm ready to go. But the only problem is, by doing that the potential for my cards to be scratch by the others things on the pouch is higher. So I think by placing all the cards on this card holder will help me through that. Plus I can protect my identity card from turning colour to yellowish greenish colour just like my old one since it is not exposed too much to the air.

Mr DIY Contact Paper

This is my life saver. This is what I used for my background for most of my blog post photos. The marble contact paper in the photo is my backup just in case I can't get a new one anymore. And it happened. I recently went to Mr. DIY that I usually went to and guess what? The marble contact paper was now sold out and they restocked with the purple coloured one which I think not fit for my background photos. I'm so glad that I picked this up before. While the other contact paper, I used it to paste it on my beauty table. Even though it is cheap but the quality is superb. Nobody can deny it, trust me.

Mr DIY Brush Cleaning Mat

I saved the best for the last. Hehe. This is my favourite amongst of all the items that I bought. I have been needing something that I can be used for cleaning my makeup brush for a long time. I was intending to get a brush egg cleaning brush at first but after noticing this at the store I guess this one is way better. From what I see, this is literally a dupe for Sigma Beauty Brush Cleansing Mat. I really really recommend you guys who love makeup and using brushes to get this. It works wonders and the process of cleaning my brushes became easier than before. Love it!

There are some of the items that I didn't put in this post because I already used it like stickers, bottle spray that I used to put my face toner, hair bands, note books and more. So yeah, hope you enjoy reading today's post. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

What are your favourite items that you bought from Mr. DIY? Let me know!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

My Acne Journey + Current Daily Skincare Routine

My Acne Journey + Current Daily Skincare Routine

If you still remember, I did this kind of post before around last year. [Link: here] It was a long journey for me. I have changed my skincare products and routines for quite some time just to find something that works and good for my sensitive, oily, combination and acne-prone skin! Yeah, it is a lot. I have tried so many products from local products to drugstores one before. Some of them were good, some of them were not. That is the reason why I have to keep changing my skincare routine just to find some products that suit my skin conditions by trying a new one until I found one that works best on my skin. I noticed that now I did add some new products to my skincare routine while trying to get rid some other products from last year.

As I mentioned before, I have used so many products before either locals to drugstores one. My past cleanser was from Mewangi. I love using it, it helps my acne problems quite well. Until one day I change to another bar soap cleanser which from honey, my skin was drastically changed. Last month, I got massive breakouts which I don't even know why and how it happened. Maybe because of my new face cleanser or hormones or eating habits, I don't know. There are lots of bump of acnes around my cheeks areas. It is not a normal acne, but it is more to like a cyst acnes where it is itchy, sore and red at that point. My skin was looking like a prawn that just has been cooked! But the weird thing is my Mom was using the same bar soap and nothing happened to her. I guess it just my problem. Maybe I'm not suitable or allergy with honey. Who knows? Long story short, I decided to change my skincare routine to a new one.

Makeup Remover

I currently using Nivea Cleansing Water at the moment. The one that I bought from Lazada Malaysia before. You guys can check for more information here. This product is good at removing makeup including waterproof and non-waterproof one. It just works wonders as Garnier Micellar Water but this Nivea one does sting my eyes everytime I tried to remove my eye makeup especially mascara. If I had to choose either one of them, I will pick Garnier Micellar Water as it is fragrant free, does not irritate my skin and does a good job at removing my makeup. Highly recommended!

My Acne Journey + Current Daily Skincare Routine


So, I went to a drugstore to buy a cleanser from Cetaphil which is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I heard that this brand is good considering it is dermatologist recommended. The next day after I bought this cleanser, I then use it right away. How excited I am to try this product and to get rid all of the mess on my skin. I don't see any changes for the next few days using it but I noticed that my acne was slowly cool down. This cleanser does not sting my eyes, it is moisturising while cleansing my face, and there is no foam at all. (which is weird for some reasons). I was a bit uncomfortable at first using this cleanser since it does not bubble up but after a few tries, I get used to it. It works well either you cleanse your face with water or without water. But you know me, I have to make sure that it is clean so I chose to wash my face after every cleansing.


After I switched my skin care to Mewangi I chose to skip from applying a toner since my skin was quite normal at that time. But then, since my skin was acting up I decided to use toner on my skin back just to make sure that it removes all the remaining dirt that left on my skin. The toner that I'm currently using is from Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner. I have mentioned about this toner before, so nothing much to talk about. It is affordable, control my oiliness on my face, works pretty well on my skin and it also has tea tree oil in it so it is good for someone who has acne prone skin just like me.


Same goes to the toner. I skipped using a moisturiser for a while and just used a cream from Mewangi instead. That cream was good. My problem with oily skin actually gone. I have a normal skin type at that moment. And again, I started to use moisturiser back when my skin acted up. It was hard at first due to my skin. My skin was so red, itchy and oily skin for the most of the time. I used for only an appropriate amount of moisturiser because if I use a little, it doesn't moisturize my skin very well, if I apply more, my skin will become more oily. So I decided to use in between of the amount which works perfectly. The moisturiser that I used is from Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream. It has a nice scent to it. I guess the scent come from aloe vera and winter cherry.


I normally apply my treatments products at night before I go to sleep as I want the products to do their job when I sleep. After applying the moisturiser on my skin, I will apply my Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil on certain areas on my face, like on my cheeks and chin. Basically, I will put it on the areas that I have acne scars. I have used it for about 7 months now and I see it works at fading my acne scars or marks but it takes time. You have to be patient when you using it because you will not receive any results instantly.

Last but not least, it is a treatment product for my acne. I used Galderma Benzac AC 5 Benzoyl Peroxide on my acne. I love using this one over Oxy because I can see the result in the next morning. I have tried Oxy Benzyl Peroxide 5 and 10 before but none of them works as this one. While this one, it will minimize the appearance of my acne without drying out my skin. So good!

My Acne Journey + Current Skincare Routine

That's all for my daily skincare routine. Most of these products you can get it from any drugstores or pharmacies around your areas. (Plus, it is affordable too!) This is a highly requested post from you guys since I mentioned that I'm changed my skin care routine. Hehe. I hope you find it helpful in other ways.

Stay tuned for my weekly skincare routine too. I was planning to make it as one blog post but since I'm in the process of buying and trying some of the products, I decided to make a part two. So wait for it, okay?

What are you using for your skincare routine? Share your products in the comment section down below.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Favourite Korean Dramas OST

Hi guys, I'm back with a new post. Watching Korean dramas has become a new routine for me. One thing that I loved about Korean dramas were their OST. Each drama has quite a few of OST songs and that making me listen more to K-pop songs. There are so good and relatable, I must say. Most of the dramas that I have watched, there must be at least one song that I love and willing to listen non-stop from day to night!

Here are my favourite Korean dramas OST.

My Secret Romance
Credit Image: here

Same - Song Ji Eun feat Sung Hoon (My Secret Romance)

I wanna know you
Not your blood type or sign
But the real you
The you that no one else knows

Will you tell me?
Starting from your first memory
Except for your first lie and first love
I wanna know everything

The lyrics of this song is so meaningful. I can relate this song to the drama. The fact that the hero and heroine themselves sang this song made it more sweet and lovely. But one thing about this song is, I barely hear Sung Hoon's voice. It so soft and low. 

Goblin : The Lonely and Great God
Credit Image: here

Beautiful - Crush (Goblin)

It’s a beautiful life
I’ll always protect you
It`s a beautiful life
So lean on me
beautiful love
Your tears, your smile
So we can be together
It`s a beautiful life

I'm still not watching the drama yet but the song really caught my heart. It is so soothing and calming to listen. I look forward watching the drama in the future. Since the drama was hype back then I think OST might be one of the reasons why. 

Kill Me Heal Me
Credit Image: here

Auditory Hallucinations - Jang Jae In feat NaShow (Kill Me Heal Me)

I want to roll up the darkness
And find you
Though I can’t touch you
Or be held by you

This one is so good. I can listen to this song over and over again without feeling bored at all. I even try to sing the song except for the rap part cause I'm not that expert nor good in rap. Some people said that the guy kills with his rap and she heals with her voice. I totally agree with that because without both parts this song might not be perfect or complete. 

She Was Pretty
Credit Image: here

Only You - Choi Siwon (She Was Pretty)

I have only
Yes, I have only you
I feel so empty that I feel
Like crying 
Even if I'm not there in your heart
Just once maybe

I have only you
Yes, I have only you
I'm still the same
Sometimes you can come to me 
I'll stay here where 
You were looking

How can I resist this song when my ultimate bias is the singer of the song? To listen to his voice for the whole song is a blessed, which is something that will not happen in Super Junior. She Was Pretty also the reason why I love this song because it is so Kim Shin Hyuk point of view. So sad and touching at the same time.

Have you listen to any of the songs?