Saturday, 21 January 2017

A Quick Update

Hello, everyone! I'm sorry for not updating my blog for some time. I have a big event coming up and I need to make sure that everything is going well. Don't worry, I'll be back real soon after everything is done. By the time this post published (yes, it is a shceduled post), I already at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Gombak to celebrate my graduation day

Yes, today is the day. Finally, the day that ai have been waiting is came and right now I'm feeling so excited yet nervous to attend this big event. Hope everything going well. Can't wait to receive the scroll!

Have a nice weekend, guys! Xoxo

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Product Empties #1

Product Empties #1

Hello, everyone. This is my very first time doing a Product Empties post. I have been wanted to do this kind of post for quite some time but never had the chance to do it as I already threw the empties products in the bin without even thinking about my planning to do a post about my product empties. Or it might be because I don't have any products to share about. However, I managed to collect some of the empties from the products that I have been using for last year. Hope you will enjoy reading this post! 😊

Mistine Egg White Peel Off Mask

Mistine Egg White Peel Off Mask

I bought this peel-off mask when I was doing my Diploma so that's mean it has been already three years now since I'm using it and finally it came to the end. You can see it by how dirty the tube is. Oh, my 🙈 To me, this is a so-so mask. I don't know why this mask was so famous and hype back then and people raving that it is good. It is supposed to remove all your blackheads and whiteheads on your skin but it did almost nothing to my skin. But still, it is a fun since it reminds me of my childhood moments where I applied glue to my skin then peel it off after it dries. 

Elianto Calming and Moisture Texas Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Elianto Calming and Moisture Texas Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

I have been talking about this aloe vera gel few times on my blog. It was on my February Haul 2016 too. So, I took about a year to finish every single of the product. It is a nice aloe vera gel since it is hydrating, moisturizing and absorbs to your skin fastly without leaving any stickiness at all. The first reason why I bought this was to cure my sunburnt after a day swimming without using any sunblock. But then I used it as my face moisturizer but it doesn't suit me as I noticed pimples keep appearing on my face during the time I'm wearing it. Even my brother have it too. So I think it is not supposed to use it on the face. I have half left on the container until it finished. So I used it as my body moisturizer and also for after shave or wax to finish it. It hydrates my skin well and has the nice subtle scent too. 

Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner

Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner

This is also the products that I have been mentioned few times on my blog. Read [this post] if you want to know how I use to save the toner for a long time. Believe me or not, this is my third bottle! I keep repurchased this toner because it is good, it removes the remaining dirt on my skin, refreshes my skin after cleansing and not to mention, it is affordable too. RM 5 only, great deal, huh? I don't know why I just can't go to the other products and I keep using and purchasing this toner. I love it. No need to explain more.

Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Daily Moisturising Lotion

Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Daily Moisturising Lotion

I decided to buy a new moisturiser after knowing that using aloe vera gel didn't work well on my skin. Since I a loyal user of Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining, I thought why not using the same line for the moisturiser. So glad that during that time, there was a 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free' at the Guardian during that time, so I picked up the face wash, toner, and moisturiser. I ended up paid for two items only which are the face wash and moisturiser only. Not gonna lie that the moisturiser is hydrating. The smell of the product is also nice. I kind of loving it.

Vietnam Mask

Vietnam Mask

I didn't know what is the actual name for this product but people called it, Vietnam Mask. What I can say is it works. I tried it for many times and every time I used it it did remove a lot of my blackheads and whiteheads on my nose. When I say a lot, I mean a LOT. I also did a review on my blog before. I shared how to use it, what I feel after using it and everything. Click [post] if you want to know more about this Vietnam Mask.

Daiso Premium Fragrance Oil

Daiso Premium Fragrance Oil

The only non-beauty product in this empties. I can say that I'm regret buying this. The main reason why I bought this is to use it for my potpourri in my room since I want a new scent for my room. But it doesn't work that well. For my other fragrance oil, I just need two or three drops of the products that will last for about three or four days straight. But for this Daiso fragrance oil, I need about five to ten drops each uses that just last for a day only. Kind of disappointed because I already love the scent, though. It finished after five days using it, which something that I do not prefer at all.

That's all I have here. Thanks for reading!

Product Empties #1

Do you have any product empties at the moment? 

Monday, 9 January 2017

50 Things to be Happy About

50 Things to be Happy About

1 Fresh flowers

2 The sounds of nature

3 Weekends

4 A shower after a long day

5 Family vacation

6 Receiving a text from someone you love

7 Rainy days

8 When someone surprises you

9 Having someone to share your problems

10 When you finally got something that you want

11 Compliments

12 Doing something that you love

13 Watching your favourite TV shows

14 Your favourite song playing on the radio

15 Woke up after a good night sleep

16 Receiving present on your birthday

17 Someone appreciate or accept you the way you are

18 Fully charged phone or laptop

19 Long conversations with someone

20 Opening a brand new book

21 A smile from strangers

22 Finally get rid of something that makes you feel sad

23 Wearing a new outfit

24 The feelings after a great workout

25 Having a tidy room

26 Problem solved

27 Seeing a rainbow

28 Cheese

29 Published a new post on blog

30 Listening to your favourite songs on repeat

31 Nice weather

32 Craving satisfied

33 When you finally hit the last page of the books

34 Going back home

35 Tidy room

36 Reading comments

37 Fresh air

38 When you have time to be alone

39 Your favourite idols updating their social medias

40 Spend time with friends and family

41 Finally graduated

42 Photos that you took turns out great

43 Someone eat what you cooked

44 Submitted assignments

45 Free time

46 Window shopping

47 Being able to finish your work before the dateline

48 Sunsets and Sunrises

49 Helping somebody in trouble

50 Still alive!

Fuh, finally I'm finished with the 50 Things to be Happy About. I took quite some time to finish all of it. Now, looking at the lists makes me feel so grateful because there are lots of things to be happy about even the tiny little things will give us happiness in our life, we just don't realized it.

Want to add something? Tell me things to be happy about. I would love to know your points 😃

Saturday, 7 January 2017

I Start Doing A Planner

It's been a while since my last time writing a planner. I used to write a diary before when I was young and it's really really embarrassing thing ever 😅 How I wish I can turn back the time and stop writing such a dramatic and emotional love and life stories on my diaries for each year. Then when I was teenagers, my Mom gave me a planner every year for me to use. It helps me a lot since I used it to stated all the important days in my life and wrote some notes regarding my homework, to-do lists, expenses, and everything.

But then I tend to skipped writing them for days, weeks and months until one day I decided to stop. I writing a planner doesn't stay for a long time. I always tend to skip writing on the planner and organize everything by my own. Almost part of it was used and the rest pages were still empty without any pen marks. Basically, it is clean and clear.

I want to start everything that I had done before again for this year. I'm going to start to have a planner for this year to keep me organize regarding my life and also blogging. I went to Mr. DIY last month just to check what's new things they have there and I found a very cute planner that really suit me (since I love florals things) so I decided to buy one.

There are a bunch of colour choices too but I prefer this because it has a nice design on the cover compares to the others. The fact that it just cost me RM8.50, it really worth the money. Who says cheap products are not good?

I Start Doing A Planner

This is just a simple planner. So minimal. There is no calendar, dates or something related to that. It just a weekly bullet planner and has notes pages provided at the back of the planner. Since it is lacking a bit, I need to make it based on my preferences. I might print a full calendar in 2017 or cute stickers or decorative tapes and paste it on the planner. But overall everything is okay. I really really like it.

I Start Doing A Planner

I Start Doing A Planner

As you can see from the pictures above, I already filled it up based on my preferences. I added date and week by myself. What you see in each section is basically an everyday to-do list. I'm a forgetful person. The chances for me to forget what I have working on is quite high so I need to state it on my planner so that each time I open the planner I already know what should I do. I already planning to publish 3 posts per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for this month. Hope I will continue doing it for the next months too. 


There are few things that I noticed after I started to do this planner things. First, I never thought that writing a planner is such a fun thing to do. I got feeling excited every time I open my planner as I look forward to writing more and more. Writing a planner also gave me a satisfaction whenever I look at what I've done so far. Last but not least, I became an organized person.

So, this is my planner. I just hoping that I won't stop doing it like I did in the last few years. I would be happy if I see each page are filled with words from colourful pens and highlighters. So pretty.

Do you have a planner? What you usually write in your planner?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My Blogging Essentials

My Blogging Essentials

As for me, blogging is not an easy thing to do. You need patience, time, even money for your blog just to make it growing. I can say that some of us might be struggling to keep on blogging eventhough sometimes we do feel like want to give up and but still, we don't. Why? Because blogging is something that we love and it gives us the satisfaction every time we hit the publish button. Am I right? 

So today I will be sharing my blogging essentials that I need to make sure my blogging time is going smooth as I would like it to be.

Laptop - Where else should I blog if I'm not using my laptop? I have tried using PC, it was so-so. I have tried using a phone, and it was a no-no. I prefer a laptop more than anything because it is handy and I', comfortable with it. Using the phone for blogging is not that convenience since the screen is small and the probability for you to get a typo is quite high, trust me. But the problem using the laptop is I got distracted easily because I usually open few tabs at the moment I'm blogging. So, I tend to skip typing the post and do something else.

Internet connection - How can I blog if I'm not having an internet connection, right? It is a MUST.  I had experienced a situation where I was blogging at that time then suddenly there's no internet connection for a moment. I thought it was okay until I checked back and the post I have been working on were blank. I was really frustrated during that time and I wish I will never experience it again.

A camera - Believe me, or not, a camera is an essential for a Blogger. How do I want to take a good picture if I don't have one, right? If you're curious, the current camera that I use is Canon EOS 550D. I got so many compliments regarding my images and I really thanks for it. One tip for a good image is lighting. Since I don't have any ring light or whatnot I just use natural light around 11.00 am to 5.00 p.m as my lighting or else I will just take the photos either it has the lighting or not.

Wallpaper - Having a nice background to take a picture is one of my wishlists. When I go to international blogs, I noticed that all their images have marble background. Then I came out with an idea to use a marble wallpaper as my background now. But I still need to discover more how to arrange the props and objects using that background. I usually use my stool as my background to take pictures, since I have the wallpaper, it will make my pictures more alive than before.

Props - If you noticed, all my images taken by me will have pink flowers with them. That's the only prop that I used at the moment. And I'm planning to have more props in the future so my images will look nicely taken. I think using my beauty products as props should be nice.

Spotify - I'm the type of person who loves to listen to music when I'm doing something. It's either listening from my phone or maybe from my laptop, both works well.

Grammarly - English is not my forte. I just started to write in English since last year and I might do grammar mistakes here and there so by using Grammarly, it really really helps me. Thanks to the blogger who shares on her blog about this. (Sorry I can't remember who she is). But still, I do make mistakes. So, forgive and correct me if I'm wrong. Go here if you're interested in using it too.

Snacks & Drinks - I always have those two whenever I'm working on my blog posts. I usually tend to get pressure every time I working on my blog posts so by having some snacks and drinks will help me tone down my pressure. Not just that, I can also use the time to relax because using a laptop for a long time is not good for you.

What's your blogging essentials?

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year + 2017 Goals & Resolutions

Happy New Year + 2017 Goals & Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! How fast time flies and I can't believe that we already entering 2017. One year added to my age. Hmm. Some of my last year goals and resolutions were achieved, some of them were not. I think it is an okay cause if it doesn't work last year, you have another year to make it happen, right? I bet you who read my blog already came out with your own goals and resolutions for this year, 2017, right? So here are my 2017 goals and resolutions.

🔹 Start writing again

God knows how much I missed writing. If you are my followers since the beginning, I bet you already knew that I'm used to writing a short stories/e-novel even poems on my blog. But since I'm lacking at everything, I decided to stop. It's already four years now since I stopped and this year I'm going to start writing again. It doesn't matter whether it is going to be a short story, novel, poems or even quotes as long as I have ideas to start with. Wish me luck, guys!

🔹 Losing weight

I did mention this in my previous post before and it seems like it doesn't work well on me. Maybe because I'm not consistent with my exercises and diet things. I need a motivation tho to keep it on track or else I will be away from it. It's hard 😐

🔹 Find solutions for my skin

My skin has been getting worst throughout last year 😒 There are acne and bumps everywhere on my face and trust me it sucks. I hate it so much. My confidence level dropped every time I look at my face in the mirror. Thank God someone shared how she managed her acne and everything, and I'm going to try it out too. Once it works, I will surely share everything on this blog.

🔹 Earn my own money

Using my own money to buy something after working hard on something is a satisfaction. You appreciate what you have more than anything. Since I'm not working, I'm glad that from blogging I managed to earn some eventhough it is not that much. But I'm really thankful for everything I have now.

🔹 Be stronger than usual

I know this is kind of weird but this is what I want. People sometimes seems so harsh and that really makes me feel sad. 2016 was the year that I cried the most. (I think). You see I'm smiling but that is the only way to hide everything that I feel. I don't want to cry so much anymore. I want to be a strong person 💪

🔹 Save money

This is the hardest thing to do. I suck at managing my money, to be honest. I'm spent a lot than saving 💸 I want to buy this, I want to buy that and everything needs the money. How can I save if I'm going to be like that? So I decided to start saving now for my future. Please Syaza, make it happen!

Wishlists for 2017, I want to add new makeup to my collections. (This is my every year wish lists 😉) But not too much since I have to save my money too. Other than that, I want to try wearing lenses. I prefer not wearing spectacle when I'm going out so I think wearing lenses will help. Next, it would rearrange my room. I know we are not even a year moving out to here, but I kind of bored already. I think if I rearrange my things on this room, it will look different and will giving me new vibes in my room. Am I right? Last but not least, I want to start reading back. I have been not reading for quite some time, and I think I need to refresh my brain and knowledge with something new.

I wish you all a bright new year. May Allah bless everything you do in your life. Xoxo.