Welcome to my blog! My name is Syaza Raihanah. I was born on 17th October 1995. So basically, I'm 22 years old girl who lived in Kuala Lumpur. I'm a Diploma in Business Administrative holder from one of a private college in Kuala Lumpur on last November 2015 and currently a full-time blogger.


I started blogging in 2011 introduced by one of my friends. But during that time, I just share almost everything that happened in my life on my blog. Because of that, I deleted almost half of my entries and I want to start again from the start. Since this year it's already 5 years of me as a blogger I think that I want to be more serious by sharing some knowledge, my experiences, and everything beneficial for my readers. There will be the time I write in English but there might be in Malay too. English is not my forte so forgive me if I did grammar or mistakes here and there. Basically, my blog niche is more to personal, lifestyle and beauty blogger.

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  1. nice profile. pemenang segmen dah diumumkan. cuba pergi tengok. mana tau ada nama awak, kan? ^^

    *sy cari chatbox takda pulak. saya drop komen kat sini. ok? ^^

  2. assalamuaikum .. we shared same name :) syaza follow syaza.. here's link to my blog.. salam kenal dear :)

    1. Waalaikumusalam. Can't believe there is someone who share the same name as me. Thanks for following, really appreciate it. Salam kenal buat Syaza jugak 😊


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